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  • Mission Statement

    The Bricoleur is an online periodical run by graduate students within the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto. We publish innovative work from contributors worldwide in an accessible format, bringing anthropological conversations into the public domain. We encourage diverse, multi-media submissions from all sub-fields of the discipline.

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    Our current bi-annual theme is Emergence. We're still accepting submissions for this volume; click here to download our Call for Submissions. Curious about future themes? Email us.

  • Submission Guidelines

    Submission Guidelines

    First, see our template blog post for an example of possible submission formats, including photographs, videos, and text.


    All submissions must include the following:

    • Title
    • Authors and author affiliations
    • Abstract text:
      • No more than 250 words.
      • Relate your topic to the theme of the volume accepting submissions.
      • Describe the general background of your project.
      • Summarize the significance or conclusions of your work.
      • Briefly discuss the intended format your final submission: video, photo series, etc.

    We also recommend that you keep field-specific terminology to a minimum, aim your abstract towards a general audience.

    Take a look at an example abstract submission:


    Email them here.

    Ready to Submit?

    Email your completed submission here, and our editorial board will guide you through the review process.

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    Find deadlines, social events, publication dates, and much more.

  • The Editorial Board

    Meet the students who make The Bricoleur possible and learn about our personal research as well as our editorial responsibilities.

    Contact us with questions, comments, etc.

    Laura Beach, MA

    PhD Student, Socio-Cultural Anthropology

    I am the coordinator of The Bricoleur.My doctoral research critically analyzes Indigenous criminalization and pathologization, situating the current context within a history of assumed settler-state authority over Indigenous lands, lives, and minds. Email me here.

    Devin L. Ward, MPhil

    PhD Student, Evolutionary Anthropology.

    I maintain and manage the website and publication for The Bricoleur and am a member of the Editorial Board. My doctoral research focuses on identifying causes and significance of shape variation in the human inner ear. Email me here.

    Elisabeth Feltaous, MSc

    PhD Student, Medical Anthropology

    I manage all social media communication and campaigns for The Bricoleur. My research examines how Inuit youth challenge or appropriate “authentic and traditional” subjectivities interpellated by public health campaigns against addiction. Email me here.

    Morganne Blais-McPherson, BSc

    MA Student, Medical Anthropology

    I am on the editing committee of The Bricoleur. My research seeks to understand the case of missing unaccompanied minors in Italy by focusing on the experiences of young migrants as they travel between reception centres.
    Email me here.

    Melody Devries, BA

    MA Student, Cultural Anthropology

    I am on the editing committee of The Bricoleur. I study digital communities, online activism, and the emergence of Alt Right ideologies. Email me here.

    Sophia Jaworski, MA

    PhD Student, Medical and Sociocultural Anthropology

    I am on the editing committee for The Bricoleur, helping both with design and the editing. My research focuses on women's experiences with medically unexplained physical symptoms in Canada. Email me here.

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